SUPRAKOR_CBC – New innovative technology of breaching charges



SUPRAMECA has developed the SUPRAKOR_CBC, a new innovative technology of breaching charges for the armed forces.

The SUPRAKOR_CBC concept is based on the use of SUPRAFLEX standard cutting modules in length of 500 mm. The choice of modules is defined according to the type of targets to be defeated.

The breaching charge consists of eight modules arranged on a foldable support made from four ultra-light composite panels.

The panels are connected to each other by means of Velcro straps. The modules are clamped on the panels by a quick webbing system. The frame is supported by a robust and lightweight telescopic pole.

To make its implementation easier, SUPRAMECA has developed a specific backpack for ingeniously grouping the various accessories of the frame, the SUPRAFLEX cutting modules and its boosters.

It is a complete, ready-to-use system that is easy to store and transport on the fields of operation. Compact, quick and easy to install, it meets all the requirements of the armed forces.