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    SUPRAMECA is an expert in interdisciplinary engineering, and its technology is based on engineering of mechanics, pyrotechnics and electronics.

    Technology and benefits

    Main benefits of products originating from our technology

    Energetically autonomous in operation
    High speed operation
    Compact and Lightweight
    Adaptable and adjustable power
    High resistance capacity to hostile environments
    High level of operating reliability and safety use
    Low maintenance

    SUPRAMECA develops pyrotechnic mechanisms that can be declassified. They are not subject to the restrictions of the international pyrotechnics regulation

    Products, equipment and systems originating from our technology contain energy stored in a pyrotechnic material. This energy can be released upon request.

    Therefore, mechanical use of this energy opens a wide range of potential applications in many industrial fields and especially in those related to the protection of people and property.

    The pyrotechnic substances generally used, are powders or propellants capable of delivering a large amount of gas (equivalent to a large quantity of energy) in a very short time and from a low initial volume. These gases can then be used and converted into  actions requiring a large amount of mechanical energy, for example pushing, pulling, cutting and drilling actions, etc.

    The quantities of pyrotechnic material contained in our mechanisms are often very small, representing just a few hundred  milligrams. These pyrotechnic materials are loaded into a micro-generator, in which a pyrotechnic initiator is assembled.

    The gas generator operation is highly reproducible, resulting in a controlled gas flow control.


    A lot of assumptions about pyrotechnicsPyrotechnics is often a little-known engineering science. It is not usually involved  in the curricula of graduate schools and universities. For the general public, it is often linked with danger or entertainment.

    However, without knowing it, drivers entrust their security on a daily basis in pyrotechnic devices such as gas generators for airbags and seatbelt pretensioners.

    The space exploration was made possible thanks to pyrotechnics, which enabled the correct functioning of the launch vehicles and satellites missions. Pyrotechnic devices are used for critical functions such as engine ignition, staging and fairing jettisoning, but also for the separation and removal of the satellite and the deployment of its solar panels and antennas.

    Pyrotechnic devices are also widely used in the exploitation of underwater resources, the protection of people and property, of the environment, and of high and medium voltage electricity networks, the control and safety of high-risk industrial processes, fire fighting, securing operations involving the transfer of funds etc.

    It should also be noted that pyrotechnic systems are commonly used to perform essential functions in various weapons systems and army, naval and air force aircraft.



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