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    SUPRAMECA is laureate of the 2008 French Contest of Ministry of Research

    SUPRAMECA engineers and technicians have over 20 years  experience of  research and development in the fields of pyrotechnics systems and mechanisms.

    Innovation is the core value of company development.

    SUPRAMECA inventions are acknowledged by the French Ministry of Research, by OSEO innovations and also by its major customers in the space, defense and industry fields.

    The company also relies on university and industrial partnerships to increase its performance in research and development.


    SUPRAMECA is member of the French Clusters PEGASE and MER PACASUPRAMECA has established particulary reactive internal processes suited to innovation and product design.

    The products are designed directly on CAD software interfaced to fast, internal ballistic and dynamic computing codes specifically developed for modeling the functioning of pyrotechnic mechanisms.



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