Suprameca has developed a new bangalore torpedo that is intended to be used to denonate unexploded ordnance or clear obstacles.

image Bangalore



The Bangalore torpedo is designed to produce a continuous line charge for breaching barbed wire entanglements and for clearing the mines and other explosive devices from the surface of the terrain.
4 x 1m torpedoes fitted with connection pieces make up the standard charge. The charges can be assembled in any order.
The tubes are made of aluminum alloy. The charge produces shrapnel effect that clears the wire or explosive obstacle.
A nose cone is clipped into the first charge to facilitate access through an obstacle. This charge arrangement does not require separate connectors and the 4 torpedoes are quickly complete and ready to fire.
The charge can be initiated by a blasting cap or a detonating cord.

Key features and benefits

  • High energy output
  • Quick assembly
  • Easy to use
  • Initiation by blasting cap or detonating cord
  • Reliable performance
  • Safety in operation



Suprameca has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacturing of tailor-made equipment and devices that meet high safety and reliability requirements.