Underwater Fixing Tools

Suprameca has extensive know-how in the design and manufacture of underwater fixing tools for professional divers and also automatic fixing tools remotely controlled or ROV friendly.


Suprameca has developed an innovative underwater pyrotechnic fixing technology.
To meet the needs of the underwater works market, two ranges of tools from this technology have been designed.
Underwater fixing tools for professional divers and also automatic tools remotely controlled or ROV friendly.
These tools allow for the fast and reliable fastening of the threaded studs and drive pins in steel or reinforced concrete structures.
The robustness of their design allows for a use of up to 150m deep.
These tools have been adopted by engineering and underwater works companies but also by the armed forces of many countries.
They can be used for different applications and have proven themselves in the following areas:

Marine Engineering – Offshore Industries:

  • Installation of anodes for the cathodic protection of underwater infrastructures
  • Earthing connections of anode cages for wind turbines
  • Emergency repair of ship hulls
  • Shipwreck removal and salvage
  • Construction and repair of infrastructures
  • Underwater installation of cables and pipes
  • Offshore platform maintenance
  • Deep water dams maintenance
  • Subsea Manifolds maintenance


  • Fixing emergency patches on structures and equipment
  • Fixing underwater demolition charges
  • Raising objects using underwater parachutes
  • Underwater works

Key features and benefits

  • Significant time saving compared to welding and chemical sealing techniques
  • Easy and quick implementation
  • Immediately operational
  • Divers' tools are lightweight, compact and easy to handle
  • Optimal for cathodic protection (electrical connection resistance lower than 250 micro-ohms)
  • Mechanical strength of assemblies of up to 40 kN tensile force
  • Automatic solutions with no human intervention developed for offshore wind farms



Suprameca has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacturing of tailor-made equipment and devices that meet high safety and reliability requirements.