Supratape AB

Supratape AB is a very high performance double sided tape.


This is a synthetic elastomer adhesive. Supratape AB is an optimal solution for attaching explosive charges to targets.

This product enhances the performance and efficiency of EOD/IED teams, special forces and combat engineers.

The highly adhesive nature of Supratape AB provides immediate and sustained adhesion of explosive charges to their targets in a temperature range of -20°C to +90°C.

Supratape AB is supplied in a 15m roll with a 50mm wide adhesive tape.

Key features and benefits

  • Very strong adhesion
  • Excellent resistance to water and extreme weather conditions
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Long shelf life : 2+ years


Suprameca has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacture of bespoke equipment that meets high safety and reliability requirements.