Rebar Cutters

Suprameca has extensive know-how in the design and manufacture of explosive rebar cutters.


In the demanding scenarios faced by Special Forces and combat engineers, the need for precise and efficient cutting tools is paramount. Suprameca, with its extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of explosive rebar cutters, meets this challenge head on.

We offer a wide range of rebar cutters designed for those working in the most demanding environments. These are not just any cutting tools; they are shaped charges specifically designed to cut steel rebar and cables with precision.

Whether it is a high-risk operation on land or a critical mission underwater, our rebar cutters are made to perform. Each charge is designed to deliver consistent, clean cuts, ensuring the safety and efficiency that is essential for special operations.

With Suprameca, Special Forces and combat engineers can rely on equipment that is both advanced and reliable, designed specifically for their unique challenges.



Suprameca has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacture of bespoke equipment that meets high safety and reliability requirements.