The Supracutter is an entirely mechanical automatic wire cutter designed for render safe operations of improvised explosive devices.


This non-explosively initiated device is autonomous and immediately reusable.
Activated via a pull-line, or via a reliable and accurate mechanical timer, this device does not require any external power source (such as a battery).
The Supracutter is the perfect tool to remotely and safely cut detonator wires, command wires, and detonating cords, ensuring the effective neutralization of IEDs.
Its International Protection Marking is higher than the IP68 standard, guaranteeing its performance during prolonged immersion.
The device has been designed to enable easy connection to a camera tripod, thus widening the field of operation.
The system is modular, offering a broad utility to the operator. The cutting modules are quickly removable and interchangeable thanks to an innovative quick-attach system.
To cut electric wires, the Supracutter can be equipped with a module fitted with steel blades, or a non-conductive module fitted with ceramic blades, depending on the criticality, risks and type of operation.
Maintenance is minimal, operations are limited to the simple replacement of the blades.
Compact and robust, the Supracutter offers two remote triggering modes that can be selected depending on the operational requirements, an automatic mode via a programmable mechanical timer or a manual mode via a pull line.

Key features and benefits

  • Mechanical: Reusable, non-explosively initiated device
  • Compact: The system fits in the palm of the hand
  • Safe and efficient: Robust and reliable technology
  • Discreet: Silent mechanism for special forces operations.
  • Non-conductive: When fitted with ceramic cutting module.
  • Programmable: Mechanical timer can be set between 60 and 480 seconds
  • Manual: Can be used with a pull-line for remote manual cutting
  • Versatility: Electric wire cutting, lead wire cutting, detonating cord cutting
  • Robust: Maintenance operations are limited to simple replacement of blades
  • Watertight: IP68 certified


Suprameca has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacturing of tailor-made equipment and devices that meet high safety and reliability requirements.