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SUPRAFLEX – Low Order Deflagration UXO Disposal


155 mm Artillery Shell Disposal

image SUPRAFLEX – Low Order Deflagration UXO Disposal

Disposing of unexploded ordnance using the Low-Order technique is often a challenge for military demining teams.
Low-Order Deflagration technique is the process of burning out the explosive fill of an UXO to render it safe, while leaving the shell of the ordnance as intact as possible.
Success is not often elusive due to the various parameters that must be taken into account regarding the munition (type of explosive, casing) and the means of disposal (positioning/casing, reproducibility and reliability of performance).

To meet the requirements of the low-order deflagration technique, Suprameca offers a range of technical solutions, such as Supraconic perforating charges, Suprablade rigid charges and Supraflex flexible cutting charges.

The video below shows the quality of work of a Supraflex cutting charge in the clean disposal of a 155mm artillery shell.


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