Suprakor 60


The epitome of modern breaching technology is the Suprakor 60. It is a single-stage, portable breaching charge meticulously designed to quickly create a soldier-sized entry point into reinforced concrete walls.


What sets the Suprakor 60 apart is its unparalleled efficiency: it simultaneously removes both the concrete and the embedded rebar, creating a clear path in one seamless action, significantly minimising operational time.

Specifically designed to tackle 200mm thick reinforced concrete barriers, the Suprakor 60 is adept at handling walls containing two parallel meshes of rebar. Its prowess does not stop there; it is equally competent against 300mm thick walls reinforced with a single layer of rebar.

When used, the Suprakor 60 ensures an oval opening, ideal for rapid entry, measuring approximately 1200mm in height and 800mm in width.

More than just a tool, the Suprakor 60 serves as a strategic asset, enabling Special Forces and combat engineers to navigate urban terrain with confidence and agility.

Key features and benefits

  • World's only one-stage breaching system
  • Minimise time to target
  • Improving soldier survivability
  • Man-portable charge
  • Reduced preparation time
  • Blast effects limited on personnel and structures
  • Multi-functional


Suprameca has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacture of bespoke equipment that meets high safety and reliability requirements.